Run Like a Mother Founder, Megan Searfoss
Run Like a Mother Founder, Megan Searfoss

Megan Searfoss, founder of Run Like a Mother and author of See Mom Run-Every Mother’s Guide to Getting Fit and Running her First 5K,  is a wife and mother of three daughters who learned to run because she found it an inexpensive, time saving and mostly MIND saving exercise. Megan began running at age 30 when her oldest daughter was two; juggling motherhood, a career, a home, and everything in between.

Challenged by her sister to train for a race (a marathon, nonetheless), Megan had no idea that the run she was preparing for would change her life forever. Always athletic, she had only participated in team sports before, with an organized practice and a coach to keep her on task. As she trained for her first marathon, Megan devoured everything “running,” coached herself and carbo-loaded her way to constipation before her first race. Lesson #1 learned.

Now nearly 20 years and more than 20 marathons and numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, and triathlons later, Megan has found that a life with running has helped to balance the chaos of work/life, and opportunity for self-fulfillment begins. A certified Personal Trainer, Run, Cycling and Triathlon Coach, Megan has participated in two Ironman World Championships in 2008 and 2010, Hawaii.

She took her love of running, and started Run Like a Mother, a national 5K race series designed to encourage women of all levels and abilities to experience the gift of running as a means to finding balance in their lives. Through simple training programs and practical lifestyle tips — without the technical overload — Megan has been successful at converting the skeptics into lifelong runners.

Running has been Megan’s salvation through a time when all three of her daughters and husband were diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. She learned through her running that testing her body physically strengthened her mentally. It is this reason that coaching other women has been so rewarding: knowing that a strong heart makes a strong mind.

Megan founded Run Like a Mother® in 2008 in Ridgefield, CT. The inaugural Run Like a Mother 5K was launched to celebrate and empower women on Mother’s Day. The event was a huge success, with over 400 runners signing up in just five weeks. The race has since expanded to other cities and will be held in eight markets across the country in 2014.

Megan believes that having a personal motto is a great source of strength for a runner. And, although they may change with each new passing phase of life, their inspiration keeps her running.

A few of her favorites include:

After pregnancy: “I’m lean, I’m fit, I’m strong”

In times of Sadness: “Refuse to lose” – not just in sport, but in life

For endurance: “Cool head, warm heart” – keeping the rational balanced with the emotional makes for a steady athlete

Megan has competed in countless races including more than 15 marathons, 7 Ironman Triathlons and countless 5K’s, 10K’s and ½ marathons. She learns something about herself every time she steps up to the starting line, but having weekly training goals helps keeps her motivated.

Her certifications include:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • RRCA Certified Distance Run Coach
  • USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach
  • USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

Her accomplishments include:

  • 16 Marathons (12 were Boston Qualifying)
  • 3 Boston Marathon Races
  • 6 Time USA Triathlon All-American Recognition
  • 7 Ironman races including 2 World Championships/Kona
  • Requested Speaker/Race Announcer
  • Wife and Mother of three daughters, all with Crohn’s Disease

Active with the

  • CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation)-Spoke in 2012 at CCFA Day On the Hill in DC
  • Yearly Guest Speaker at Cornell Medical College for first year med students about dealing with the diagnosis of a chronic immune disease
  • Norwalk Youth Symphony Orchestra

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