Humiliation at a 5K, part 2

Can She Run? Jacky Smith blog | May 10, 2011

So my very ungraceful trip and flat-out fall early in the Run Like A Mother 5K Sunday in Ridgefield didn’t stop me from finishing the race, albeit with a time not as good as I wanted.

But I finished, and as the paramedics bandaged my bloodied right hand and left knee, it was worth it.

Ah, the crowning moment was yet to come.

From a bandstand at Ballard Park, Megan Searfoss, the race founder and organizer, began announcing the top three winners for each age group.

First came the kids who got medals for their race, which was before the women’s 5K. This is so cute, I said to my daughters who had run “with” me, let’s stay and cheer for them.

Megan then began announcing Run Like A Mother winners for various age groups. Soon we were hearing her say – and this woman just started running two years ago, and today got injured but kept running. Third place – Jacqueline Smith!

I turned to my daughters – couldn’t believe it – and hobbled up to the stage, waving my bandaged hand high in the air to cheers from racers and their families all around. What a moment! For me, it was the Olympics.

Megan presented me with a big bouquet of flowers, and I tried to leave the stage but someone needed to take a photo and then another one.

Later I heard that my 8-year-old grandson, Scotty Davis of Bethel, said when he heard my name announced he “nearly fell out of a tree.”

Needless to say, this non-athlete was glowing all day with a third-place win.

Glowing until night, that is. In the evening, I went online to see exactly what time I posted. (The clock at the finish line is “gun” time, not when sneakers cross the start.)

Imagine my surprise when the site said my time was just over 27 minutes. A 9-minute mile? No way. That would have me finishing before Scotty’s mom Barb and that just didn’t happen.

They had my time wrong. Sigh. Apparently the race used a different vendor for tracking this year – and there were problems.

I had to contact them, and Megan, to own up that my time wasn’t accurate — I couldn’t have won.

I felt badly for the woman who did place third, but didn’t know it, didn’t get her chance to go on stage.

For my own situation, though, it soon seemed humorous. My moment of glory was due to a mistake! Oh yeah. Humbling.

But someday, if I keep trying hard and train diligently, maybe it could actually happen for real.

Meanwhile, the flowers still smell sweet.

Story from: Can She Run? Jacky Smith blog

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