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Even If the Shoe Fits...

April 2, 2017


Even If The Shoe Fits...

Don't Always Wear It.

Expect More from your Running Shoe


I thought about writing a generic article about what type of shoe you should buy, but the truth is that unless someone sees you standing in front of them, knows your weekly mileage and where you run; a shoe can not be predicted the shoe that is right for you. 


Many online sites claim they can fit you after you answer a few questions.  The magic shoe finder presents a shoe and voila', it appears at your door in a day, only to be the fit of a step sister and not Cinderella!


Run Like a Mother offers this advice when searching for a running shoe that is right for you:


Visit an independent running retailer. Finding a running store can be the key to a successful running career. Not only can you be properly fit for a shoe, a local running store offers a wealth of running knowledge and support. Read more about how to get the right shoe here



  • Get sized.  Even if you have been a size 7 for 20 years, let the fitter measure you.  Our feet grow as we age and most of us have not been properly measured. In running shoes, a thumb's length of space at the front of the shoe is important to save toenails. A proper shoe fit secures your mid-foot and heel. 

  • Talk, talk, talk. Have you run in the past? Just starting out?  Old injuries, current niggles?  Tell the fitter about your run- the good, the bad and the reality.  This will help the fitter find you the best shoe.  

  • Try MANY shoes.  Do not settle for the first pair, try several pairs so that you have an understanding of what feels good.  If it doesn't feel right in the store, it certainly won't feel right on the road.


  • BUY for looks. Don't get caught up in the color and design, comfort before fashion is the key to feeling good.

  • Try to make it fit.  A shoe should be perfect when you leave the store. If you feel iffy about the shoe, it is not for you! A running shoe will not stretch to fit.  

  • Buy the most expensive shoe.  Enough said.  You do not need to spend the most to get the best shoe.  

  • Assume your last shoe is the same as the new model. The name may be the same but the shoe isn't always.  Your tried and true shoe may have just been overhauled by the manufacturer.  Try it! 

Be sure to ask your running store about their running groups. Most stores offer group runs that are open to all levels. Runners are a friendly and encouraging group, and running stores are full of inspiration and guidance to help you get your run on!

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