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Involving Your Kids Will Help Your Run

April 9, 2017

Kids will inspire you as you begin to pattern exercise behavior


It is important to show your children that exercise is a necessary part of their life, just like brushing teeth or tying shoes---a requisite not an option.  It is also helpful for your own compliance.  Teach your kids the importance, involve them in your plans and it will be harder for you to skip!


For many children, organized sports take care of the exercise needs. However, for children too young or not interested in a sports team, encouraging them outside, up and away from their devices  can be a challenge. Whether your child is a on a team or not, the necessity to teach them the importance of life-long exercise habits is paramount. 



5 Tips to Encourage your Brood:


  1. RECRUIT the crew:  Make at least one run workout a week into a family affair. Find a safe path or sidewalk so that your kids can move with you. Bikes, trikes, scooters or roller skates can be a fun way for a little one to follow along while you run. A high school track is a great place for family to get exercise; kids can run laps or play in the infield while you do your workout.

  2. Do as I say and Do AS I DO:



     Show your children that you are making exercise a priority for yourself.  Discuss how it makes you feel and talk to them about the benefits of movement. You may feel selfish taking time away from your kids at first but soon enough, they will be asking when you are going running.

  3. Set a training schedule for your kids alongside your own. Tracking your their efforts is a great motivator. Make smaller targets en route to a bigger goal, which encourages adherence. 

  4. Make video games and smart phones into workout platforms.  Most platforms have exercise games or apps. Or make a "game for exercise" deal if you have a child that is a gamer; let them play one of their games for 10 minutes and then encourage an exercise game for 10 minutes.

  5. Make TV interactive. Exercise during commercial breaks. Your body is your gym. Planks, push-ups, squats and lunges can be done in small sets during commercial breaks. Do a set per commercial. Typically commercials are 30 second spots and are perfect to be used as a timer for standing up and moving!



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