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Hey, I'm a mom, I CAN RUN!

May 5, 2017

Run Like a Mother athlete from Milwaukee writes about what Run Like a Mother means to her.  Get inspired!






In 2012, I saw an ad for a RLAM race. My son was 2 at the time, and I thought "Hey, I'm a mom". I've always talked about doing a race. For years. So, I bit the bullet, and I signed up. Race day finally arrived, and I was so nervous. I couldn't tell if I wanted to cry, or be sick. I had never done anything like it before. In high school, I couldn't even do 1 mile. The race started. My very 1st 5K! I went with the crowd, and stepped over the starting line, and I cried. Yes, the starting line was where I cried! Not the finish line. I was finally doing it. All the times that I've said "I want to, I want to, I want to", and I was actually doing it. I had never been so proud of myself. I smiled the entire race. Then right before the finish line, my son ran up to meet me, and he ran across the finish line with me. 


That 1st 5K started my addiction. I've done 5K's ever since. I'm signed up for another 6 this year, including the RLAM in Milwaukee. Again! My son (now 7) runs 5K's with me, as well as my husband (our 2 yr old daughter in the stroller), and my mother.


But the RLAM is the only race I do alone. It's MY race. And all these years later, my kids still meet me before the finish line, and cross the finish line with me. 



So, I thank you for my addiction. 



I Run Like A Mother


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