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New Year, New Who?

January 14, 2018


Is anyone else already ‘done’ with this whole New-Year-New-You thing? Didn’t we just do this? I haven’t even started working on last year’s resolution, never mind even coming with one for this year. Who has time for this stuff, anyways? And what is it about turning the calendar from December 31st to January 1st that makes it a good time to start something new? It is a hard time of year, people. The holidays are over. We are in the dregs of winter. I mean, someone in the house is always sick with something. Who came up with the idea of tackling a new goal right now? Whoever it was didn’t have kids, stretch marks, consistently interrupted sleep, hormones, in-laws, or grocery shopping to do.


Want to know what I say? Ditch the forced “New Year’s” resolution.  If you truly want to make an effort to do something differently or better – start when you are ready. Start at a time that you are feeling motivated and positive. Start when you are equipped to tackle what lies ahead. Start when you have a friend who is in it with you or someone to help hold you accountable. Start when you have done your research and have resources to help you on your journey. This way, you will be much more likely to succeed.


One of the things I say to my patients is “Set yourself up for success”. When you set a resolution with intention and do the legwork to prepare your mind, heart, body, soul and home to get the job done – you will! It’s the difference between going to the beach in what you are wearing right now versus going with your swimsuit, towel, umbrella, sunscreen, water, book, sunglasses and chair! Take the time to prepare and your journey will be so much more enjoyable.


I am sure there are some of you who ARE motivated, equipped and have your ducks in a row. That is fantastic. But, if you are in survival mode, recovering from the busyness that the holidays brought into your life, or just needing some time to figure out what is next for you – don’t fret. When the time comes to start getting to work, you will know what you need to do.


Just promise me one thing: Don’t wait too long to start moving in the direction you need to go. You are way too wonderful.



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