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Running Pregnant-5 Tips from Kristen

April 15, 2018

5 things I learned while running pregnant First let me start this post by saying I am in no way, shape, or form a doctor that can advise on whether or not YOU personally can run while pregnant! I am strictly writing this from my own experience during my pregnancy with #3.


1. “Hey look it’s a unicorn, wait it’s just a pregnant lady running!” Yes, the strange looks you will receive from everyone might make you start thinking you are not just growing a human but a horn out of your head as well. However, you have not become a mystical creature you just enjoy running and your baby probably does too. Don’t let the stares derail you from enjoying your magical moment.


2. Stay close to a bathroom... As most pregnant women know having a baby sitting on your bladder isn’t very fun. With running, the need to pee doubles or at least it did for me. Even if I had just visited the restroom two minutes ago. What worked best for me was to keep running and see if the need to pee diminished. Sometimes it did sometimes it didn’t. Stay close to a potty and bring back up clothes...just being honest!


3. You are in good company....I found it extremely helpful and fun to read and follow on social media other woman who did this before me or with me! I just happened to be pregnant at the same time as Gwen Jorgenson (gold medal triathlete and marathoner) seeing her growing belly and her working out was motivating to me. If you just Google running and pregnant the amount of motivational stories is amazing. Hey, and maybe you’ll feel a little less like a crazy unicorn.


4. Run in a race... ok before you try to throw a shoe at your computer to hit me... remember I am speaking from my own experience. I was able to run three 5ks while pregnant and I enjoyed them all! I didn’t run for a time or a place but for the pure enjoyment of the event and to appreciate how remarkable my body is. I have to say it gave me a greater appreciation and pride as a mother and runner.

 Kristen (6 months pregnant) in last year's Run Like a Mother-Ridgefield


5. Have a goal... honestly my goal for running during my pregnancy was to be strong for labor and delivery. I wanted to be physically and mentally ready to have my baby. Running for me was a way to train for this event. I went into it like I would training for a marathon or any race. One day at a time, one run at a time. Some might say I trained too hard because my baby ended up being born in my car but that’s a story for another time...;)

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