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We won’t say no, BUT we will not be giving awards in any male categories, and we only have women's cut shirts. However, In the Kids’ 1 Mile, we have both male and female awards. The Kids' race is for ages 4- 12 years old. 

Can my husband run? What about my son?

Absolutely no strollers are allowed on the race course. It's an insurance thing. 

Can I run with a stroller?

Dogs are not permitted. If you require a service dog please email 

Please note that dogs are also not allowed in Ballard Park per town rules, so spectators should leave dogs at home.

Can I run with my dog?

Yes, there will be one water station that you will pass twice on the looped part of the course. We encourage you to carry your own fluids to save waste. Unless it’s very hot/humid, you likely will not need fluids for a 5k race.

Is there water on the course?


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